What You Should Know Before Buying A Wireless Charger

There are a few standards that wireless charging uses, but Qi is the most popular. Most phone manufacturers, including Apple and Samsung, use the Qi standard. Qi chargers of high quality have over-voltage protection and overcharge protection.

This makes them safe to use. Your phone may get warm when it is being charged wirelessly. These chargers are equipped with temperature control protection to prevent overheating. Before purchasing a wireless charging device, make sure to check the below specifications of your phone.

There are many sizes and shapes of wireless chargers. There are a variety of charger designs. Some have a circular padded design, others may be stand-alone. It doesn't matter the design of the charger, they must have a firm grip to hold the phone on the charging surface.

Many chargers come with LEDs that indicate charging status. You can also find chargers that can hold up to two smartphones and a smartwatch, so you can charge multiple devices at once.

Wireless chargers can charge phones with cases, as long as they are not made of metal or very thick material. A Qi charger can be used with leather, silicone, and other non-metallic materials that are 3mm thick or less. Several renowned brands are building wireless chargers for use these days. You can grab yours too.